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Software development

Software Development

Nowadays any business needs a proficient website or mobile app for promoting its products or services and magnetizes new customers. Therefore, the demand for software development services is continuously rising. Software development is a procedure of writing and upholding the basic code, but in a broader sense, it includes all that is occupied among the beginning of the preferred software through to the ending sign of the software, sometimes in a designed and prepared process.

Neurol Tech offers a complete set of custom software development services to assist you to produce your business and arrive at your business goals. Whether it’s convention software, a mobile application, an e-commerce website, or a web application, we convey complex, first-rate software solutions. Moreover our software development processes make sure brilliance and your fulfillment. In today’s world, software products must pleasure its users. But development momentum and practical ingenuity remain decisive priorities. If you’re looking for software development services, Neurol Tech can aid you to generate pioneering, appealing products, while concurrently ensuring speedy time to market. While we offer quick, dependable full product development; custom application development to contest your requirements; and mobile integration to rock the mobile world.

What Is Software Development Life Cycle And Why It Is Important?

SDLC is the step in the software development method that takes software from beginning to upholding. It is essentially what we call the procedure that allows us to make software. As a result, there are numerous players in an SDLC – from Architects, Quality Assurance, Business Analysts, and Developers. SDLC is active in bringing regarding the order it what would or else be disorder. Every pace of the SDLC allows for some errands to be finished. For example, requirements gathering are where you meet the essential business rules and rations to know precisely what the customer is tiresome to attain. Once the requirements are gathered it guide to the design and architecture of a system followed by software development and QC.

There are diverse differences in SDLC that let you do things in a definite way. The classic SDLC was a waterfall but the main trouble with that was that every stride was too complicated and it would not grip altering requirements professionally. These days you observe most software shops go to the agile methodology. Agile methodology allows for varying supplies by ensuring that your steps are not so severe. It also places a huge pact of prominence on relations with the customer and receiving regular feedback from them about a feature. Within the Agile tactic, there are more well-liked implementations of Agile using SCRUM or Extreme Programming.

How Can You Find The Provider Offering The Best Services?

It depends on loads of factors, from what type of software you require to how much it will charge for you. Before to decide the software development company you have to to make a gigantic research through the web, search for such websites as http://clutch.io or a bit like that, where you can discover not only universal information regarding the company but a lot of additional details such as hourly rate, size of the corporation and actual testimonials from the factual clients. After that, you should make a catalog of the best companies by the reviews and ratings and send all of the companies you’ve selected your question.

Every company later than the quote request replies with a commercial letter with all the statistics concerning the price, terms, and technologies that will be used in this venture. After that you require juts to select one of them that are the finest by the price and quality.

Despite the never-ending supply of software development companies, it is very tricky for service seekers to decide the accurate software development collaborator for the development of the business or any other motive. Before choosing a corporation, it is significant to conduct a sufficient analysis that allows you to come across the right technological Software Company co-worker for your next software development project. The following top software development company offers custom and dependable software solutions and services that are also premeditated to meet customer necessities and demands.

We Focus On Custom Software Development

Neurol Tech is a software development company the UK. While we focus on custom software development, progressive web apps, counting online marketplaces, SaaS products, and MVP development. We are adoring fans of Ruby on Rails, React, Vue.js, and Angular. Moreover these technologies permit us to make outstanding projects: from a portfolio management system to a multi-vendor vehicle marketplace. Share your dare with our squad and we’ll work with you to convey a ground-breaking digital product. Neurol Tech provides consulting services in creative development, creating software solutions, and product design.

Our Services

  • Application Development
  • Product Development and Maintenance
  • Mobile Apps
  • Testing and QA
  • UI / UX Design
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Dedicated Development Center

What Is A Software Developer, Precisely?

Do you be familiar with that Smartphone app you rely on? That computer game that reserved you fascinate for hours as a child? That program helps your assets and track expenditures? Software developers twisted all of them. Furthermore Software developers are the artistic, brainstorming masterminds behind computer programs of all kinds. While some software developers may focus on a precise program or app, others generate massive networks or causal systems that aid activate and power other programs. Moreover this is why there are two key classifications of developers: applications software developers and systems software developers.

Top Technical Skills For Software Developers

In such a multifaceted role, these professionals unavoidably must have some exact technological knowledge. We used concurrent job analysis software to observe more than 1 million software developer jobs posted over the past year. This data exposed the pinnacle technical skills employers are looking for:

  • Java®
  • SQL
  • Software engineering
  • JavaScript®
  • Oracle
  • DevOps
  • Python®
  • Microsoft® C#
  • Linux
  • Git

Web Development Services

Discover, build, combine, scale, and improve your applications with Neurol Tech! For more than three decades, Neurol Tech has been harnessing digital technologies for the advantage of Fortune businesses, mid and large ventures, and startups across the diversity of industries. Fully in the art and science of software engineering and administration, we assist you to build high-class software solutions and products as well as convey a broad range of allied professional web development services.

Our System Software Design services

Our software design services include:

  • Architecture endlessly under control throughout the development cycles (Computer-Aided Software Engineering: CASE)
  • Competitive offer thanks to shorter development cycles:
  • AGILE methodology
  • nonstop Integration
  • Automatic Tests and analysis
  • HMI mechanism development
  • Formal Interfaces and Wrapper Mechanism
  • Interchangeability / Extensibility
  • Data Exchange Management and Data Storage
  • Requirement Management (RM) through Product Change Management

User Experience And Software Design Services

Our user know-how (UX) and design specialists have an eager eye for end-users’ requirements. We value software that not just works appropriately but has beautiful design and simple to use. Our UI/UX Design department consists of graphic design experts, and our programmers and testers are also qualified in software design services.

How Does Our Software Development Workflow Work?

As a knowledgeable lineup of professionals, we cover every feature of the development procedure to make certain high efficiency and competence. From the early phase of analyzing your supplies to the final phase of release, you will get our full support. Since we are an outsourcing software company, we will make certain you get a band of professionals who can passably wrap all your rations.

Planning and analysis:

In line with your preliminary supplies, our experts will gather all required information, verify your needs, discover new business and monetization models, expand a platform plan and come up with a project development plan that meets your goals, timeline, and working budget.


With our squad of graphic designers and user experience experts, we present exceptional UI and UX design for best user experience. After identifying any technological, business, or custom limitations, we work on user journey mapping, mock-ups, wireframing, and prototyping to force user acceptance and fulfillment for your product.

Project Management:

Our approach to project management aims to resolve any project-related issues that may happen during development. A fanatical project manager, as the main contact point, deals with initiating, preparation, monitoring, and calculating the activities required to accomplish the project’s objectives.


Our development teams have the know-how to create a real product on a range of technology platforms out of even the most determined vision and the most exhilarating ideas. We make a product that is useful, scalable, and safe.

Search Engine Optimization:

We know that online achievement isn’t just regarding the initiation of a website and waiting for visitors to approach and start buying. Your website desires to be built in such a way as to be equally striking and noticeable to visitors, while also being available to search engines. While we present Search Engine Optimization Services for a broad range of industries and products.

What Is The Main Role Of Software Architecture?

For lots of developers, software architecture and design are disregarded, which might delay the application’s presentation and development speed. Other projects may undergo large design up front, which can reason needless difficulty and delay feedback that would otherwise come purely during execution.

We have a practical approach to architecture and design issues. While we identify the most significant areas that are worth investing in truthful time and prioritize others afterward, where the design comes only after more central development iterations are done.

Benefits Of Customized Software Development

  1. Cost reduction

    The expertise offers a cost economy by tumbling resource supplies thus, humanizing efficiency and lessening licensing fees. Moreover when you assist out in the device of the software, it is then developed chiefly for the enlargement of your business. Moreover this reduces the training costs and also perks up the efficiency of the software. When you buy a pre-written software application, you only have a permit to make use of the software. Furthermore the development services squad offers you software applications that you possess. Since the product is your own, you may modify the cost of the product and its up-gradation.

  2. Low training costs

    It may be luxurious to teach new workers. The new staff may require at least a week’s training before they start working. Moreover if your business is not very large, you may not have the newest technology for every person as it will cost very lofty. An outsourcing firm can manage up with the most recent technologies for every entity since it is a fraction of their business.

  3. Increased flexibility

    As your business raise, your probable customers typically demand dissimilar changes in your goods. For this, you require to search for dissimilar products and become reliant on them. Neurol tech provides you the amplified litheness possible since the product is made as per your obligation and can be tainted according to the business rations.

  4. Competitive advantage

    When your business add-ons more and more, the competition amid the competitors in business also enlarges. If you have a company that is dissimilar from others, there are odds that you will have more patrons and make more money. You can make use of Neurol tech solutions to uphold your business and go up above the competition level.

  5. Increased company value

    You should get better your presentation in your business to make more profits. If you work professionally and keep a trail of the products that you sell, it will assist you to run your business at its utmost level. If your business makes exclusive elegant software, it will distinguish from your competitors and offer good consequences for your business.

Software Development Solutions

Our consultant can decrease the difficulty of your development processes to get better quality and time-to-benefit and we present the following consulting services.

  • Enterprise Application Integration and Deployment of Middleware Technology
  • IT Infrastructure and Architecture Assessment
  • Full Life Cycles Development Customer, Software Design, and Deployment
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Training

Reaching Users On Any Platform

IOS mobile app development:

We design enterprise and customer iOS apps for the whole Apple product series, counting wearable’s, watches, smart TVs, cars, and homes. By severely following Apple’s Human Interface strategy and our own best practices, we aid you in force espousal and make sure user fulfillment with outstanding mobile apps.

Android mobile app development:

Win loyal spectators with extremely customizable apps underpinned by the deep familiarity of material design and enterprise-grade mobile sanctuary. Furthermore Let us aid you generate a combined know-how with obvious layouts and journeys diagonally all screens, or wow the user with very immersive VR experiences.

Cross-platform app development:

Reduce your development and upholding costs and speed up time-to-market by going cross-platform. Moreover our TCO-driven comes up to and a shared iOS and Android code base permit you the division of OSs and devices efficiently without compromising on user appeal.

We Recognize What It Takes To Create A Perfect Mobile App

With over 100+ victorious projects underneath our belt, Neurol Tech is a mobile app development company that offers full-cycle development services modified to your business desires. From ideation to publishing — we have you enclosed all the way. Furthermore a foremost mobile app development company, Neurol tech has been honing its app development skills in the riches of industries and domains. As a result, a new business area is never a problem — our R&D will go all out to style the app to your business particulars.

Building Solutions Of Outstanding Quality

Bank on our software development services to improve your solution’s sanctuary, speed up time to market, and make brilliant customer value.

Top-grade quality assurance:

Strongly holding to an inclusive, industry-leading approach to excellence, we appoint QA engineers in the development early on. Moreover this enables us to find out and fix problems previous to they become expensive and protracted or damage the customer experience.

Our squad of QA experts possesses practical familiarity in all main testing types, including useful, usability, load, anxiety, receipt, integration testing, and more. Furthermore depending on the project’s particulars and development tactic, we offer a set of touchable deliverables, counting test plans, bugs, and real-time exposure reports, run and project sign-off reports, and dashboards with pertinent QA figures.

Ongoing maintenance and support:

Neurol Tech, a top software development company UK provides glitch-free and modified software solutions to start-ups and brands. While the corporation has made an extraordinary name in the software industry in just a few years. Moreover the strong team of software developers and designers at Neurol Tech has solid experience and know-how in working with up-and-coming technologies.

Our company with you doesn’t stop once the product has been built. We present a complete support and preservation package based on obviously distinct SLAs. Based on a place of recital metrics, the accord stipulates the levels of client, way out, communications, web services, and cloud support, while grand penalties for service-level violation and contract breaches. On top of that, we institute an upholding plan modified to precise customer requirements and offer developed backup and data revival services to make sure business permanence.

Our People:

Being people primary means we’ve built our company values approximately a belief that software teams execute their most excellent when they have room to respire and the liberty and support to discover new ideas. We authorize our teams together on the project and business running level. While we prioritize individuals and communications. We hearten feedback. We spend in ongoing training and expansion.

Neurol Tech is loyal to the idea that an assortment of teams results in an enhanced outcome for all. As well as being a disability convinced employer, throughout staffing we apply a non-based approach that focuses on skills, familiarity, and possible. All of this helps us uphold an extremely effectual squad of intellectual; probing people who enjoy challenges and have an enthusiasm for learning.

Our excellence:

Focusing on dominance means creating entrenched software that’s all set for the real world.  Our software is often used in safety and security-critical environments. Thus it is paramount that quality comes first in everything we do. While compliance is critical, we also work closely with our clients to ensure that the software we write is always focused on the requirements of the end-user, ensuring the product performs as they expect it to do reliably and efficiently.

At Neurol Tech, we believe excellence is the victorious attainment of both theoretical and apparent integrities. We like to give details this using the allegory of a plant: the stronger the roots, the better the plant. A healthy plant can climate the challenges of the present and the future.

User-Oriented Approach:

We at Neurol Tech put Customer Experience as the major focus and use advanced technology to attain those outcomes with the solitary idea of giving the first-rate familiarity to end-users.

Agile Based Decision Making:

Our Agile development makes sure more flexible and well-organized software delivery with rapid prototypes. Agile delivery ensures our squad gets early legalization on deliverables in line with customer prospects.

Expand Your IT Team with Ease:

Our lots of years of outsourcing familiarity help our clients to develop their IT team to attain business goals within timeline and resources while ensuring customer’s quality values.

Why hire us?

Our value-driven approach is intended to assist you to hit the market with a flawless mobile app, fast. We arrogance ourselves on development lucidity, rapid turnaround time, and unremitting quality pledge all the way through.

Business value:

Once you have crossed our entrance, our R&D and BA experts are prepared to go the additional mile to entirely grasp your idea and make certain we recognize what users want. We work hand-in-hand with your stakeholders to expand an app. That evolves along with your business and users, whatever challenge comes our way.

Rapid results:

To assist you to outrun the rivalry. We aim to get smaller the gap among your idea and an endearing solution. A full package of our mobile app development services whole with quick prototyping. And agile process enables you to vigorously engage in the project and make smarter product decisions from day one.

100% transparency:

By choosing our mobile app development solutions, not only do you stay in control and fully rationalized on the project status. But your feedback is serious about unremitting development. Our squad uses daily reports, video calls, email updates, and onsite visits to address all your ideas and concerns.

Quality focused embedded software specialists:

We’ve been delivering high-class software for lots of years. Our teams of software and test engineers are sector atheist, enabling us to work with a broad array of clients. We boom on new opportunities and we love a challenge. Whatever your technical supplies, whatever your production. We have the quality-focused approach and the facts to make your project a triumph.

Looking for outsourced implanted software developers? You’ve originated them:

We are happy to talk regarding projects of all sizes, from preliminary consulting to long term partnerships. Please give us a call or drop us an email and we will set up a time to study more about your necessities and how we can assist.


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