Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Of Neurol Tech:

We are the only proprietor of the information calmed on this site. We only have admittance to/gather information that you willingly provide us via email or further straight contact from you. We will not vendor rent this information to anybody. We will utilize your information to take action to you; concerning the motive you contacted us. We will not split your information with any third party external of our association, other than as essential to through email in the prospect to tell you regarding specials, innovative goods or services, or modifies to this privacy policy.

At Neurol Tech, we value the trust you position in us when you visit one of our websites or make use of one of our web services and we acquire our dependability gravely. This Neurol Tech Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explained how we amass and use private information about you when you visit our websites, use our mobile and web applications, or call us on the phone. By “personal information” we mean information that unswervingly recognize you or your business, such as your name, address, or email address. In this Policy, “we” and “our” means Neurol Tech and “you” and “your” means any human being who visits our websites or uses our web applications.

As the manager, Neurol Tech has put into practice many technical and managerial measures to make sure the most inclusive fortification of personal data processed through this website. However, Internet-based data broadcasts may in standard have sanctuary gaps, so supreme defense may not be definite. For this cause, each data subject is gratis to transfer personal data to us by different resources, e.g. by cellular phone.


Unless the background or else necessitates, any utterance, phrase or expression used in these Terms of utilizing shall be interpreted according to its usual denotation. This shall be devoid of discrimination to the following:

  • “Cookies” shall mean a package of data sent from a web server to a browser and stored on the hard drive of the computer from which the browser is being accessed;
  • “Company” shall mean Aqubix restricted;
  • “Personal Data” shall have similar connotation as is credited to it by the Data Protection Act (Cap. 440 of the Laws of Malta);
  • “Services” shall mean the stipulation of any services afford by the corporation.
  • “User” or “Users” shall mean anybody creation employ of the Services supplied

Personal Data:

We may get information that you offer unswervingly to us on the Sites and this comprises, with no restriction, all online and offline compilations of all kinds of personal information, for instance when you create an account, penetrate a sweepstakes on the Sites or on a third-party site, sign up for email interactions, participate in a review, contact client service, appoint in an endorsement online or in-store, or otherwise interrelate with the Sites. By “personal information” we signify information that directly recognizes you or your business, such as your name, address, or email address. In this plan, “we” and “our” means Neurol Tech and “you” and “your” means any individual who visits our websites, make use of our mobile applications, or uses our web applications.


In order to apply this website, a user must 1st absolute the registration form. During registration, a user is obligated to bestow assured information (such as name and email address). This information is used to contact you regarding the goods/services on our site in which you have uttered concentration. At your choice, you may also offer demographic information (such as sexual category or age) about yourself, but it is not requisite.


We produce the profile on the behalf of providing private information to manage your account and offer the Services to you. Profiling means any outline of computerized dispensation of personal data consisting of the use of personal data to assess confident personal features connecting to a natural person, in exacting, to examine or envisage characteristics about that natural person’s performance at work, profitable condition, health, personal predilections, wellbeing, dependability, actions, position or engagements. We create and direct your description, offer you with client hold up and react to your requirements, converse with you regarding the Services.


We use “cookies” on this site. A cookie is a portion of data stored on a site visitor’s hard drive to assist us perk up your access to our site and recognize replicate guests to our site. For instance, when we make use of a cookie to recognize you, you would not have to register in a secret word further than formerly, thus reduction time as on our site. Cookies can also facilitate us to trail and objective the welfares of our users to augment the experience on our site. The practice of a cookie is in no means linked to any individually exclusive information on our site.

Controller Or Controller Responsible For The Processing:

‘controller’ means the natural or lawful person, public ability, organization or other cadaver which, unaided or mutually with others, conclude the purposes and means of the dispensation of personal data; where the rationales and means of such processing are determined by Union or Member State rule, the controller or the detailed standard for its suggestion may be provided for by Union or Member State commandment;

<h3style=”text-align: left;”>Processor:

‘Processor’ means a usual or lawful person, community authority, group or further body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller;


Recipient is an expected or authorized human being, public influence, cluster or another body, to which the personal data disclosed, whether a third party or not. Though, public establishment which may obtain personal data in the scaffold of a fastidious investigation in agreement with Union or Member State law shall not be regarded as recipients; the processing of those data by those communal authorities shall be in fulfillment with the appropriate data shelter rules according to the purposes of the processing.


A third party is an individual or entity that is concerned in a contract but is not one of the key and has a slighter attention. Third parties may be used by companies to alleviate hazards. For instance, small investment firms face difficulty entering the industry when large firms continue leading the competition. One reason large firms produce extra rapidly is as they spend in middle- and back-office communications. To continue spirited, many lesser firms outsource those functions as a technique of gaining a better share of the marketplace.


From time to time, we might inquire for your consent to use your information. You may extract your consent at any occasion by contacting us using the contact information provided greater than.

Collection Of General Data And Information:

We may get information that you offer directly to us on the Sites and this contains, without drawbacks, all online and offline collections of all types of private information, for archetype when you generate a description, go into a sweepstakes on the Sites or on a third-party site, sign up for email interactions, contribute in a review, get in touch with customer service, hold in a support online or in-store, or otherwise cooperate with the Sites. This information may comprise private information, which is information that can be used to recognize you separately. Personal information collected may embrace:

  • Contact information, such as name, address, email, telephone number, fax number, organization name, and/or job title
  • Exceptional identifiers and partiality information such as username, password, marketing predilections, internet protocol (IP) address, browser type, operating system, computer or mobile device, or navigation and clickstream behavior for online communications
  • Recommence counting work narration, specialized education, publications, awards, orientations, accomplished training, and autograph
  • Food restrictions, passport info for travel bookings or classification purposes, social security number (where requisite by law), bank account details, (emergency) contact persons, family information (where appropriate and in agreement with confined law)
  • Creditworthiness, VAT number, creation, buy information history, appeal certification
  • Pictures, video and audio recordings where you have supply your permission
  • Sensitive personal information, such as wellbeing information or reports of an entity end-customer, i.e. regarding product asserts and explorations, tolerant pre- and post-operative conclusions for research and numerical purposes, or illicit records for owed thoroughness measures in accordance with relevant law.

Subscription To Our Newsletters:

On the website of Neurol Tech, users have agreed the chance to pledge to our enterprise’s newsletter. The input facade used for this point determines what personal data are broadcasted, as well as when the newsletter is prepared from the controller.

The Neurol Tech updates its patrons and business associates frequently by means of a newsletter about venture offers. The enterprise’s newsletter may simply be established by the data theme if (1) the data subject has a convincing e-mail address and (2) the data subject registers for the newsletter 1st time for newsletter delivery, for permissible reasons, in the double-opt-in procedure. This authentication e-mail is used to demonstrate whether the proprietor of the e-mail address as the data subject is certified to obtain the newsletter.

During the registration for the newsletter, we as well amass the IP address of the computer system allocates by the Internet service provider (ISP) and used by the data theme at the time of the listing, as well as the date and time of the registration. The compilation of this data is compulsory in order to understand the (possible) misuse of the e-mail address of a data subject at a later date, and it, consequently, serves the aim of the legal shield of the controller.

Contact Possibility Via The Website:

The website of the Neurol tech encloses information that allows a rapid electronic contact to our endeavor, as well as a straight announcement with us, which also includes a broad address of the so-called electronic mail (e-mail address). If a data subject associates the controller by e-mail or via a contact shape, the personal data transmitted by the data subject are repeatedly stored. Such personal data transmitted on a charitable foundation by a data subject to the data controller are stored for the principle of dispensation or contacting the data subject. There is no relocate of this personal data to third parties.


Our newsletter holds alleged tracking pixels. A tracking pixel is a tiny graphic entrenched in such e-mails, which are sent in HTML set-up to allow log file footage and psychoanalysis. This permits a statistical analysis of the success or failure of online marketing campaigns. Based on the embedded tracking pixel, we may observe if and when an e-mail was opened by a data subject, and which links in the e-mail were called up by data subjects.

Such personal data cool, calm and collected in the trailing pixels together with this in the newsletters are amassed and scrutinized by the controller in arrange to optimize the liberation of the newsletter, as well as to get used to the satisfied of prospect newsletters yet enhanced to the wellbeing of the data subject. These personal data will not be accepted on to third parties. Following a revocation, these personal data will be erased by the controller. We robotically observe a removal from the receiving of the newsletter as a revocation.

Routine Erasure And Blocking Of Personal Data:

The data controller shall practice and lay up the personal data of the data subject only for the epoch required to attain the purpose of storage, or as far as this is arranged by the European representative or other legislators in laws or regulations to which the controller is focus to.

If the storage rationale is not pertinent, or if a storage stage prearranged by the European congressperson or another skilled lawmaker terminates, the personal data are habitually blocked or rub out in agreement with authorized necessities.

Rights Of The Data Subject:

  • Right of confirmation:

The data subject has a right to be conversant whether personal data pertaining to him or her will be, are being, or were processed. The data subject should be informed and furnished with the following information prior to the access of his or her personal data into the processing system, or at the next sensible occasion.

  • Right to access:

The data subject has the right to realistic admittance to, upon demand, the following:

  • Stuffing of his or her private information that was practiced;
  • Sources from which personal data were attained;
  • Names and addresses of beneficiaries of the personal statistics;
  • Manner by which such data were processed;
  • Reasons for the exposé of the personal data to receiver, if any;
  • Information on automated processes where the data determination, or is possible to, be prepared as the sole foundation for any decision that appreciably affects or will influence the information
  • Date when his or her personal data regarding the data subject were final accessed and personalized; in addition to. The description, name or distinctiveness, and address of the personal information controller.

Right To Erasure (Right To Be Forgotten):

The data subject has the right to hang up, take out or order the overcrowding, elimination or obliteration of his or her personal data from the personal information controller’s filing system. This right may be exercised ahead of discovery and considerable testimony of any of the following: 1. the personal data is unfinished, outmoded, bogus, or illegally obtained; 2. the personal data is being used for a reason not official by the data subject; the right to removal or jamming 3. The personal data is no longer essential for the purposes for which they were composed; 4. The data subject withdraws consent or objects to the processing of his or her information, and there is no other authorized ground or superseding legal concern for the processing; 5. The personal data concerns private information that is detrimental to the data subject, except defensible by liberty of speech, of expression, or of the squash or otherwise certified; 6. The processing is unlawful, or 7. The personal information controller or personal information processor sullied the rights of the data subject. The personal information controller may notify third parties who have beforehand established such processed personal information.

Right To Object:

The data subject has the right to object to the processing of his or her personal data, plus processing for direct marketing, automated processing or profiling. He or she should be specified an opportunity to withhold consent in case of any modification to the information abounding to the data subject under the right to be clued-up. The personal information controller should not process personal data without consent except:

  • The personal data is desirable pursuant to a subpoena; b. The gathering and dispensation are for noticeable purposes, counting, when it is essential for the presentation of or in relative to a contract or service to which the data subject is a party, or when required or pleasing in the framework of an employer-employee affiliation among the collector and the data subject; or c. The information is being composed and processed as a lawful obligation.

Right To Data Portability:

Where his or her personal data is processed by electronic resources and in a prearranged and usually used format, the data subject has the correct to attain from the personal information controller a copy of such data in an electronic or prepared set-up that is usually used and lets additional use. The work out of this right should deem the right of data subject to have organized over his or her personal data being processed based on consent or contract, for commercial purpose, or through computerized means. The Commission may identify the electronic format, as well as the technical values, modalities.

Automated Individual Decision-making, Including Profiling:

Profiling and automated decision making can be very functional for associations and also advantage folks in numerous sectors, counting healthcare, tutoring, monetary services, and promotion. They can escort to earlier and more dependable decisions, mainly in cases where a very great amount of data requirements to be analyzed and decisions made very hurriedly.

Automated decision-making is the procedure of making a choice by automated means devoid of any personal participation. These decisions can be based on accurate data, as well as on digitally shaped profiles or contingent data. Instances of this comprise:

  • an online decision to prize a mortgage; and
  • An ability test used for employment that uses pre-programmed algorithms and criteria.

Data Shield Provisions Regarding The Claims And Make Use Of Facebook:

Facebook is undulating out stronger privacy protections to users forward of the preface of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but Mark Zuckerberg will not assure all future revolutionize will be legitimate to the company’s American users.

Although the preliminary tranche of changes, announced last week, will be obtainable wide-reaching, Zuckerberg refused to entrust to GDPR flattering the standard for the social network athwart the world. Our Data Policy describes how we progress people’s individual data. We’ll provide learning on our Data Policy to people using Facebook Company Products. We’ll do this through in-product notifications and user instruction campaigns to make sure that people appreciate how their data is being used and the alternatives they have.

We’ll carry on offering people with control over how their information is used. We’ve launched an innovative control core to make privacy settings easier to know and keep informed. We also are reminiscent of people as they use Facebook concerning how to sight and tidy up their settings.

We have Privacy ideologies that give details on how we believe about privacy and data defense. We have a squad of people who help guarantee that we are documenting our fulfillment. Furthermore, we convene frequently with regulators, policymakers, privacy experts and academics from around the world to remain apprised of our practices, get feedback and persist to perk up how we defend personal information.

Data Protection Provisions About The Application And Use Of Google Analytics (With Anonymization Function):

On this website, the controller has included the constituent of Google Analytics (with the anonymizer function). Google Analytics is a web analytics service. Web analytics is the collection, congregation, and psychiatry of data regarding the behavior of visitors to websites. A web analysis service collects, inter alia, data concerning the website from which a human being has come (the so-called referrer), which sub-pages were visited, or how over and over again and for what period a sub-page was analyzed. Web analytics are largely used for the optimization of a website and in order to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of Internet promotion.

Google Analytics places a cookie on the information technology scheme of the data subject. The description of cookies is clarified on top of it. With the location of the cookie, Google is enabled to examine the use of our website. With every conscription to one of the entity pages of this Internet site, which is operated by the controller and into which a Google Analytics module was included, the Internet browser on the information technology system of the data subject will repeatedly submit data through the Google Analytics factor for the rationale of online advertising and the agreement of expenses to Google. During the route of this technical process, the venture Google expands knowledge of personal information, such as the IP address of the data subject, who serves Google, bury alia, to appreciate the source of visitors and clicks, and then generate commission arrangements.

In buildup, the data subject has the opportunity of entity to a collection of data that are shaped by Google Analytics, which is associated with the employ of this website, as well as the dispensation of this data by Google and the possibility to prevent any such. For this meaning, the data topic is obliged to download a browser affix beneath the link and install it.

Data Protection Provisions Concerning The Application And Make Use Of Google Ad-words:

On this website, the controller has included Google AdWords. Google AdWords is a service for Internet publicity that permits the promoter to situate ads in Google search engine consequences and the Google advertising complex. Google AdWords lets an advertiser pre-define definite keywords with the assist of which an ad on Google’s search fallout only then displayed when the user employs the search engine to regain keyword-relevant search upshots. In the Google Advertising Network, the ads are distributed on pertinent web pages using an automatic algorithm, captivating into account the beforehand definite keywords.

The function of Google AdWords is the endorsement of our website by the addition of applicable advertising on the websites of third parties and in the search engine results of the search engine Google and a placing of third-party promotion on our website. The data and in sequence together through the exploit of the alteration cookie is used by Google to generate visit figures for our website. These visit figures are used in order to establish the total quantity of users who have been served through AdWords ads to discover the triumph or collapse of every AdWords advertisement and to optimize our AdWords advertisement in the prospect. Neither our corporation nor other Google AdWords advertisers receive information from Google that could recognize the data subject.

The data subject has a leeway of objecting to the interest-based announcement of Google. Therefore, the data subject must admission from every of the browsers in use the link and set the preferred settings. Additional information and the appropriate data defense requirements of Google may be recovered beneath

Data Protection Provisions Regarding The Application And Make Use Of Pinterest

On this website, the controller has incorporated the apparatus of Pinterest Inc. Pinterest is an alleged social network. A social network is an Internet social meeting position, an online community that permits users to converse and interrelate with every other in an effective space. A social network may serve as a podium for the swap over of estimations and experiences, or let the Internet society to offer personal or company-related information. Pinterest enables the users of the social network to issue, inter alia, picture collections, and entity pictures as well as images on effective pinboards (so-called pins), which can then be collected by further consumers (alleged re-pins) or remarked scheduled.

Pinterest gets information through the Pinterest section that the data subject has visited our website, provided that the data subject is logged in at Pinterest at the time of the call-up to our website. This arises regardless of whether the person clicks on the Pinterest element or not. If such a broadcast of information to Pinterest is not enviable for the data subject, then he or she may avert this by logging off from their Pinterest explanation earlier than a call-up to our website is prepared.

The data protection attitude available by Pinterest, which is easily reached underneath, provides information on the collection, processing, and employ of individual data by Pinterest.

Data Protection Provisions Concerning The Application And Make Use Of Twitter

On this website, the controller has incorporated the mechanism of Twitter. Twitter is a multilingual, publicly-accessible micro blogging service on which users may publish and extend so-called ‘tweets,’ e.g. short communication, which is imperfect to 280 typeset. These short messages are obtainable for everybody, counting those who are not logged on to Twitter. The tweets are also displayed to so-called followers of their own users. Followers are further Twitter users who follow a user’s tweets. In addition, Twitter permits you to address extensive viewers via links, hashtags, and retweets.

If the data subject is logged in at an identical time on Twitter, Twitter detects with each call-up to our website by the data subject and for the complete period of their stay on our Internet site which precise sub-page of our Internet page was visited by the data subject. This information is composed of the Twitter constituent and allied with the individual Twitter account of the data subject. If the data subject clicks on one of the Twitter buttons incorporated on our website, then Twitter allots this information to the special Twitter user account of the data subject and provisions the personal data.

Twitter searches out information through the Twitter component that the data subject has appointed your website, provided that the data subject is logged in on Twitter at the time of the call-up to our website. This happens regardless of whether the person clicks on the Twitter section or not. If such a show of information to Twitter is not attractive for the data subject, then he or she might put off this by logging off from their Twitter description earlier than a call-up to our website is prepared.

Legal Basis For The Processing:

Art. 6(1) lit. A GDPR serves as the lawful beginning for processing operations for which we acquire consent for an explicit dispensation reason. If the processing of personal data is essential for the presentation of an agreement to which the data subject is gathering as is the container, for instance, when dispensation operations are essential for the contribution of supplies or to offer any other service, the processing is based on Article 6(1) lit. B GDPR. The same applies to such processing operations which are required for transportation out pre-contractual actions, for instance in the case of study concerning our products or services. Is our corporation subject to an officially permitted compulsion by which processing of personal data is essential, such as for the implementation of tax requirements, the processing is based on Art? 6(1) lit. C GDPR.

In unusual cases, the processing of personal data might be required to defend the fundamental wellbeing of the data subject or of a further natural person. This would be the case, for instance, if a visitor were offended in our business and his name, age, health indemnity data or other imperative information would have to be approved on to a doctor, hospital or other third party. Then the dispensation would be based on Art. 6(1) lit. d GDPR. Lastly, processing operations could be based on Article 6(1) lit. f GDPR. This authorized basis is used for processing maneuvers which are not enclosed by any of the aforementioned officially permitted grounds, if processing is indispensable for the purposes of the rightful interests followed by our corporation or by a third party, apart from where such interests are superseded by the interests or basic rights and freedoms of the data topic which need fortification of personal data. Such processing operations are chiefly allowable because they have been purposely mentioned by the European legislator. He measured that a rightful interest could be unspecified if the data subject is a customer of the manager (Recital 47 Sentence 2 GDPR).

The Legitimate Well Being’s Chased By The Controller Or By A Third Party:

Somewhere the processing of personal data is pedestal on object 6(1) lit. F GDPR our legitimate interest is to take out our commerce in errand of the welfare of all our workers and the shareholders.

Stage For Which The Personal Information Will Be Amassed:

The criteria used to establish the epoch of storage space of personal data is the personal constitutional preservation period. After the ending of that era, the parallel data is habitually deleted, as long as it is no longer obligatory for the realization of the agreement or the instigation of an indenture.

Provision Of Personal Data As Legislative Or Contractual Obligation; Requirement Essential To Penetrate Into An Agreement; Compulsion Of The Data Subject To Offer The Personal Data; Probable Costs Of Malfunction To Supply Such Data:

We elucidate that the stipulation of personal data is moderately requisite by law (e.g. tax system) or can also consequence from contractual provisions (e.g. information on the contractual partner). Occasionally it may be required to terminate an agreement that the data subject offers us with individual data, which must afterward be processed by us. The data subject is, for instance, grateful to offer us personal data when our corporation signs a contract with him or her. The non-provision of the personal data would have the outcome that the contract with the data subject could not be completed. Before personal data is provided by the data subject, the data subject must contact any worker. The worker illuminates to the data subject whether the provision of the personal data is compulsory by law or indenture or is compulsory for the termination of the contract, whether there is a commitment to offer the personal data and the penalty of non-provision of the personal data.

Existence Of Automated Decision-making:

As an accountable corporation, we do not make use of habitual decision-making or profiling.