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Social Media Consultant London

Neurol Tech Company builds social apps for big brands.  We are a technology company in the social space, not just a social media consultancy. We offer social media consultants London tactical track approximately serving to make ideas work from a social viewpoint, but we aren’t a PR firm that’s going to assist you to attain mommy bloggers or be very supportive of your messaging approach.

Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to permit people to share content rapidly, proficiently, and immediate. Many people describe social media as apps on their smartphones or tablet, but the certainty is, this communication apparatus started with computers. Moreover this fallacy stems from the information that most social media users access their tools through apps. A social media consultant London is fundamentally the eyes, ears, and voice of your corporation online. That means you want somebody who can hoist your brand alertness, convey traffic to your website, and enhance your bottom line all while custody your company’s status top-of-mind.

A World Full Social Media Consultants London Services


Reliable, tactical branding leads to burly brand evenhandedness.

Public relative

Making our customers appears as victorious, honest, significant, exhilarating or applicable as likely.


We make certain your captured instants look as good as you envisage them, and even further.

Video Filming and editing

​With enough originality and ideas, we create your video appearance as imaginative as it should be.

Measures Management

​We ensure that your event materializes as a term of you, as we pay concentration to the least particulars with adaptability.

Social Media Management

​Exceptional crusades await your social media metrics.

Graphic Designs

Providing companies with a bright perspective on commercial uniqueness and illustration communication. ​

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts will help our customers to produce their customer base in a dumpy extent of time.

Here Are Some Key Questions You Should Ask Prospective Social Media Consultants London

Social Media Marketing Is Fleeting

In the early days of social marketing, there was modest opposition for the dollar not so nowadays. For instance, you can expend thousands of dollars on a Facebook ad operation and, occasionally, obtain no revisit on your speculation. By its incredible nature, social media is a small concentration extent media it is much harder to acquire someone’s consideration with a Tweet then it was to dig up someone’s interest with a newspaper advertisement that’s because ad headlines and copy are harder to inscribe on Twitter or Instagram.

Which Tools Do You Use To Calculate The Roi Of Your Crusade?

It’s significant for social media managers to back up their activities with metrics and analytics that enumerate revisit on venture. You desire to go beyond simple computes of likes, followers, and fans and really examine lead alteration rates.

Fell proposes asking consultants whether they employ their own convention tracking techniques or accepted tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Klout. Also, ask how they check and develop Facebook EdgeRank and Twitter re-tweet rates.

Which Social Media Perform You Specialize In?

It’s significant to be as exact as probable during the hiring procedure if you anticipate to hub on a convinced social network. For instance, if you’re particularly interested in heartening Pinterest users to fix tremendous images of your products, you don’t desire a celebrity who excels typically at Facebook voucher code promotions.

What Are Your Payment Conditions And Are They Flexible?

You need to know whether consultants obtain paid an allowance or merely charge by the hour or by the plan. Other payment-related questions: How frequently do invoice payments owe every 30, 60 or 90 days? Is there an attention fee for delayed payments? Do advisors present a discount for referring supplementary customers? Do they necessitate the least amount agreement era?

How Allied Are You To Influences In My Manufacturing?

Preferably, consultants will previously be connected to industry influencers, who can assist construct alertness of your goods and services. To find out how well-associated consultants are, verify their list of Twitter followers and people they are following. If they have a Facebook Timeline, scrutinize their “likes” and the people who have “liked” them.

How Victorious Are You In Your Individual Social Media Consultants London Networks?

It’s significant to know how vigorously occupied consultants are in their individual delicate and expert social media networks, says Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and host of the Social Media Marketing consultants London Podcast. Moreover If they can’t successfully market themselves on social media, they perhaps can’t perform it for you either.

Stelzner suggests scrutinizes consultants on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to observe if they punctually and fittingly respond to populace who connect them and frequently share expensive content. Also, look out for red flags: If consultants share unpleasant tweets, status updates or photos, for instance, don’t do business with them. Preliminary, retail, or increasing your small business shouldn’t be rigid. Neurol Tech social marketing consultants London to create financing simple for existing and hopeful small business proprietors by providing custom support solutions, financing education, and additional.


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