Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

In admiration of numerous and every agreement entered into flanked by the Neurol tech and the clients (mutually as definite in Clause 1) whereby the company agrees to assume any services for the Buyer whether the equivalent be industrialized, maintenance, and provide of commodities or howsoever the following terms and conditions shall be valid:

No Refund:

The client agrees to disburse for the Services in occupied aforementioned to work beginning on the mission concise except or else decided at our absolute discretion. You must not duplicate, modify, change, download, issue, transmit, deal out, sell or move any such resources except specifically provided for in these conditions or with our articulate written authorization.

Apart from the limited license set onward in these Terms, Neurol Tech does not allow you any articulate or indirect rights or licenses under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other proprietary resources. On an occasion when the customer changes mind after work would have been ongoing on a plan or the client terminates the order after delivery has been ended, the customer shall be complete no repayment in any way.

Entire Agreement:

These Terms are the whole accord amid the parties concerning the use of this Website and the pay for any services and succeeds all preceding discussions, commitments, and conformity about the website and the services.

Another Service Accessible Devoid Of Any Charges:

If and to the amount that any stipulation or any fraction of a condition of the Company’s Standard circumstances is unlawful, canceled or unenforceable for any cause, then such provision or division thereof (as the case may be) shall be considered to be severable from the residual provisions or parts of the relevant provisions (as the case may be) which shall stay in full power and result. In case the customer and the corporation are powerless to recognize the problem and stature out who may be a mistake, Neurol Tech will formulate no refund of the reimbursement but will present alternative services with no charges. This law, however, applies only to the conditions where bewilderment about the error of also party prolongs to triumph or when equally the parties might be at error.