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Software development

Software development is an iterative logical procedure that aims to make a computer coded or programmed software to tackle an exclusive business or personal objective, aim, or process. Moreover Software development is usually a planned project that consists of a range of steps or phases that result in the formation of equipped software. Software development is chiefly achieved through computer programming. Which is carried out by a software programmer and comprises processes. Such as preliminary research, data flow design, procedure flow design, flow charts, technological documentation, software testing, debugging, and other software construction techniques. This is recognized as the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Neurol Tech Company has the familiarity and the expertise to build your custom web and mobile solutions. Moreover IT consulting, software development and testing are what we perform our web and software product development company offers a full array of web development services and has capability in custom application development using React.js technology. Moreover the company’s portfolio comprises a range of projects. Such as web-based video conferencing apps, stock trading, and eCommerce solutions, alongside additional IT solutions for patrons from the UK. We construct an overwhelming web, providing our customers with gainful superior applications using advanced technologies. Our extremely enthusiastic squad ensures on-time delivery of flourishing solutions modified to the explicit desires of our clients from startups to large enterprises.

The best Software development company around the world

Neurol Tech is one of the IT outsourcing firm’s licensed ISO and outsourcing companies to present managed remote workforce expansion solutions. While it is the most favored software development company in the UK to appoint enthusiastic developers and designers. Furthermore it was established with an objective and has been offering remarkable mobile and web development services across the globe.  Furthermore it has lots of pleased and happy customers with score of 96 out of 100 for the customer maintenance rate.

Neurol Tech has numerous application developers devoted to the most modern technologies that offer high-class applications. And develop solutions allied to the development of web and mobile applications to append a value to other companies. Furthermore, they are in business for as regards loads of years. They put forward a 100% money-back assurance if the customer is not fulfilled.

What do we offer?

Neurol Tech is an offshore software development corporation offering custom web development, mobile apps development, and custom web application development services in PHP, .Net & JAVA technologies. Moreover our lineup of knowledgeable software engineers, developers, UX architects, and designers like to create impactful software. While we generate software that is used by millions of users, in a segment spanning Education, Technology, Healthcare, and Travel, and further than. We provide services such as;

  • Software Product Development
  • Third-party Integrations and Customizations
  • Migration & Upgradation
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Custom Web Development
  • Enterprise Web Application Development
  • Front-end and Back-end Development
  • E-commerce Development
  • UXD & Prototyping

From strategy to deployment and beyond

Once you imagine an idea, the after that step is to discover the most excellent technology collaborator to convey your idea to life. Moreover our squad of developers, software architects, project managers, and other technicians is operational with highly developed and up-to-date skill sets to provide detailed requirements for your project. While we are a complete software development firm that knows the importance of long-term relationships. And can unite focused detail-oriented action with enduring tactical thinking.

Custom Software development

Neurol tech has lots of years of know-how in resolving our clients’ business ideas into triumphant web solutions that assemble their business necessities and contribute to their strategies. While we focus on edifice activity application software, business intellect solutions, custom eLearning progress, data hallucination tools, but we can assemble solutions for virtually any industry.

Android app development

We make use of cross-platform scaffolds and technologies such as PhoneGap and JavaScript UI, WebEx library to produce consumer-centric business applications for dissimilar industries. While we formulate HTML5 hybrid mobile apps and mobile-optimized web apps that offer a native user experience, as well as native apps on Android.

QA and software testing

Our qualified team of QA engineers is enthusiastic about ensuring the high quality and trustworthiness of your websites and applications. While we make use of full-cycle software testing services at all stages of your product expansion, from requirements congregation to ultimate testing at the deployment stage. Moreover our final goal is to make certain that your product is easy to use and meets the rations of your target audience.

IT Staff augmentation

You can enlarge your personnel with our qualified web developers, mobile developers, and QA engineers, generally within 2-3 business days. Whether you require 5 or 50 specialists, over time you can produce the team with however lots of you require. All our specialists have know-how functioning around the clock in fanatical environments, as we only use specialized service providers.


Neurol Tech’s Software development squad will aid you in every phase of software development life-cycle. Moreover our squad will work with your stakeholders to diminish the project cost and maximize the ROI at the software development procedure.

We will assist you:

  • Analyzing Market and Competitors
  • Project feasibility and concept issues
  • Analyzing Monetizing Models
  • Innovation in Business and technology
  • Multi-platform strategy
  • Improving security and future roadmap

Our Custom Software Services Can Help You With

  • End-To-end Digital Product Development

We assist you to construct a victorious digital product right from ideation to the development, covering all features of up to date software development to meet your requirements.

  • Custom ERP Development

We comprehend what it takes to erect a custom ERP application that helps perk up effectiveness, productivity, and sales with the assist of one collaborative platform.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Development

Our technological skill set and years of knowledge help us create scalable, dependable, and protected SaaS development as per your ever-changing business needs.

  • CRM Development

Our decades-long experience and devotion to deliver the most excellent solutions can assist augment your customer base with influential, protected, and custom CRM development.

  • Custom Enterprise Software Development

Whether you desire to generate enterprise software from scratch or planning to develop what’s existing, we aid you to redefine your business to explain real-world problems.

  • Cloud-Based Solutions

Move your applications to the cloud and take pleasure in the reimbursement of scalability and litheness. While we present cloud-native app development or facilitate enterprises to move to the cloud.

The Phases of the Software Development Lifecycle

Numerous versions of the software development lifecycle have evolved. For instance, uses a seven-phase SDLC framework that separates supplies collection and a viability study into 2 separate phases. Other organizations, such as Software Testing Help, join these 2 steps into a solitary phase 1: “necessities congregation and analysis.” We’ve reviewed several variations of software development lifecycle models. The following six-phase framework seems to be the most simple.

Phase 1: Plan

The primary phase of new software development will be to assemble all applicable information from stakeholders and examine this information to determine what will be practicable.

This comprises compiling supplies, studying user personas, and approving the product’s rationale. During this chapter, the squad will also talk about the opportunities and risks of following the project. Moreover this is why Software Testing Help refers to this phase as mutually rations gathering and analysis.

Phase 2: Design

After the lineup has approved on a broad set of supplies and goals for the product, the after that step will be to generate a design measurement. This should respond to the question, “How will we construct this?”

For a creation band, this phase would contain formative the precedence order of the planned work, building a creation roadmap, and obtaining stakeholder conformity on it. This will assist everyone in both the development and product teams to acquire a clearer portrait of what they are aiming for.

Phase 3: Implement (or Code)

This is the period where the engineering team essentially codes the product. At this phase, the development squad translates the elevated overview communicated in the roadmap into a strategic set of coursework, owing dates, and everyday work schedules.

Phase 4: Test

After the players have finished a version of the software, they will discharge it to a testing milieu. Here, the QA team and the developers will experiment with all areas of the application to smudge any defects, viruses, or other troubles.

Phase 5: Deploy

At this phase, the band is sure it has preset all defects and that the software has been built to the agreed-upon objectives and stipulations.

Now it’s time to let go of the software to the production upbringing. This means the product will be normally obtainable for customers to purchase and utilize

Phase 6: Maintain

With the software now exist and being used by clients, the development team’s focal point will transfer to maintaining it.

The developers will have to be all set to address requests for enrichments, bug fixes, and new features. These requests will approach from lots of sources—sales, administrative, customers—but the product management team will establish which of these projects make it onto the product roadmap for developers to work on.

What are the paybacks of the Software Development Lifecycle?

Software development teams discover much compensation from using the SDLC model, counting:

  • Lowering the cost of software development.
  • Humanizing the excellence of the software that the organization delivers.
  • Decreasing development timelines by foiling after-the-fact fixes.
  • Helping developers enhanced understanding of what they are edifice and why.
  • Ensuring all stakeholders have an opportunity to offer their input in the untimely stages of development.
  • Giving everybody on the cross-functional team a considerate of the costs and resources desirable to complete the project.

Using this approach helps squads recognize and deal with problems instantaneously. This minimizes their impact on both the cost of the project and the value of the ending software product that the developers deliver to the market.

Our Bespoke Business Application Development

When it comes to developing business applications and operational software, we adore a challenge! We’ve formed a Grant Management System for WaterAid, a high-tech client portal for Maxis universal Benefits Network, a cloud-based portal and a mobile app for, as well as plentiful transformational systems.

Whether you require a system to perk up your customer service, augment your business competence, rationalize your processes or amplify your sales (either through front-end customer familiarity or back-end usefulness), we can create gifted, gainful and spontaneous business applications to assist you. We’ll work with you to recognize your business processes and the dare you’re trying to decipher and then put forward the type of software development that would work paramount for you.

Who Will Own the App?

We delight in delivering business apps that our patrons are ecstatic with. We don’t desire to foul that experience with licensing or development issues auxiliary down the line. That’s why when we expand an app for you; you don’t need to be anxious:

  • Once your app is done, Intellectual Property (IP) Rights are completely transferred to you; there is no license charge to use the software we develop for you
  • We do not implant proprietary technology or plug-ins to develop your app. This ensures that everything we perform can be maintained in the continuing, as well as being something any Microsoft-trained developer cans exertion on without explicit proprietary knowledge.

Responsive web applications

All the web applications we construct are approachable. This means they look enormous and work completely on any screen of any size; desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We do this by acclimatizing menus, controls, and other visuals to fit the device based on the current panel width and height, ensuring the user always gets the top possible familiarity regardless of what device they’re using.

Expert mobile app developers

There’s no query that a deliberately conceived mobile app can reap gigantic rewards when it comes to appealing with your patrons or users, but with most people expectant a mobile app to be easier to use than a website or desktop application, its obligation is up to scrape – and that’s where we stride in.

We’ll assist you not only envision the concept behind the mobile app but offer an absolute focus on the user experience, as well as building a superlative software product that is fit for purpose and can level as your business and user-base grows.

Mobile app delivery

Once we’ve delivered your mobile app, we:

  • Start on the app on the Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Abundant transfer the academic Property Rights to you.
  • Give enduring support, counting a decided service level agreement (SLA) and admittance to our in-house developers via our helpdesk.

Present optional hosting (when there is a central database behind the scenes). As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, we love Microsoft development features and always provide you the best software development services.

How we can help you with software and hardware integration?

Whether you require software that interfaces with a solitary hardware device or manifold devices, we can assemble it for you.  We can generate mobile, tablet, web, or desktop-based applications that are associated with either a cloud-based or local database.

But that’s only partially the story; to be functional, your system needs a fully comprehensible front-end. That’s why we’ll comprise rudiments such as:

  • a custom user boundary (UI) dashboard – whether that’s programmed or customizable for every user – so it’s trouble-free and speedy for you and other users to envisage and comprehend the data retrieved from your hardware
  • the aptitude to steadily store large amounts of data or frequent tests indefinitely, enabling data handling at a later date
  • Speedy and simple reporting that can be emailed or printed: generate as lots of reports as you require using an assortment of filters

Bespoke CRM & ERP Systems

We can make a custom system that:

  • Enables clients to simply add new users and computers without the requirement to obtain separate licenses for every supplementary user;
  • Integrates with key systems and applications you previously have in place;
  • Allows patrons to generate different dashboards for dissimilar departments;
  • Allows for individual permissions according to say-so level;
  • Gives clients protected access to your data 24/7 from any web-connected PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone;
  • Enables clients to quickly and simply produce tailored reports at the touch of a button, pulling data from across an organization to give a view that’s wider than each department

We can also simply build a feed from or intimately incorporate your CRM or ERP into your web applications. So that your salespeople can use any downtime to effortlessly get customer updates ‘on the go’.

Transform your engineering projects

Intelligent engineering software is an influential tool that allows your business to work more professionally – and with fewer resources. We can assist you to make simpler your admittance to complex data by building custom interfaces. That visualize and examine a broad range of multifaceted inputs, from sensors, accuracy machines, files or just GUI input, and offer the pertinent outputs, be it mathematical calculations, visualizations (graphs, 3D models or synchronized display), mapping systems and much more.

We can help you to…

  • Rewrite and update out-of-date software, often formerly urbanized by hardware engineers. This frequently involves creating web and mobile apps, or even new desktop software (well-matched with Windows and/or Mac) to form something spontaneous and great looking to amaze users and patrons.
  • Visualize multipart calculated data for providing information and imminent to your organization’s users or the common public.
  • Measure and analyze the recital of production and output, using systems. That carry together compound or aggregated data from dissimilar sources.

Start-up Software Development

We have formed bespoke software for new ventures and start-ups. Clients have practiced achievement with mobile apps and desktop products, to SaaS platforms and White Labelled products. We can offer clients with enduring subscription-based revenue through:

  • Making of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to verify that a commercial and technical model will work. Once the market has been veteran DCSL then moves on to the after that phase of absolute feature development.
  • Leveraging any work already concluded by taking an easy test version of the software produced and revolving it into a solid, dependable product.

DCSL Software Development for Start-ups

Our secret to creating winning solutions for our customers is our aptitude to authentically understand the desires and requirements behind a brief. While we spend time discovering all the features and design fundamentals. That are vital to the end-users and work in close teamwork with all our customers to make sure these are integrated in the greatest possible way.

At Neurol Tech, we flourish in creating thrilling, helpful, and exclusive products. From the resourceful web apps, absolute with analytics platform as well as amalgamation with scales and camera to the Lego-style setting up tool Bit Planner – we welcome any project, however tricky or idiosyncratic it may be.

What our beloved client says!

At every phase, Neurol Tech has demonstrated to be a decidedly professional, experienced, and pro-active partner. What began as a tryout affiliation six months ago has evolved into an ongoing partnership that will grow and develop. Your accomplished and professional development squad.  Joint with the Webix UI library has enabled us to considerably go faster our release cycles. Based on our understanding we would not be uncertain to recommend your company to others looking for specialized outsourced development.

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