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Neurol Tech is a London-based web application web development company with a Swedish organization. The majority is PHP developers. What we accomplish most excellent is moderately multifaceted web-based systems e.g. tradition business software, portals, CRM applications, order running, etc. Most of our programmers utilize the Laravel framework nowadays. Furthermore our team of web development in London has knowledge of mainly PHP-related technologies counting CodeIgniter, Zend structure, Symphony, etc. While some of our developers work with AngularJS and mobile apps foundation on Ionic.

The experts of Web development companies in London can modify most kinds of web applications and systems counting: arrange organization systems, booking systems, CRM, web portals, E-commerce websites, LMS / e-learning solutions, staffing platforms, secretarial software integrations, etc. Moreover the kind of elucidations while we have most familiarity with is convention web applications that necessitate a least of 300 man hours to develop.

Complete Services Of Neurol Tech Web Development Company

Web development agencies London offers a complete and wide range of web development services via our leading web development platform Preside. Moreover our open-source platform runs on Java (JVM) and allows for:

  • Rapid and agile web development
  • Seamless web, CRM, email system integration
  • Bespoke platform and software development
  • Fully customizable CMS
  • Multilingual and multi-site content sites
  • Upgrade-friendly site build
  • Web designing
  • Web development
  • App Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Search engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Responsive web site design
  • Content Management system (CMS) website Development
  • Mobile app development
  • CMS, WordPress, Drupal
  • PHP and JS Web Development
  • Joomla Web development
  • HTML Website Development
  • Corporate Website Designing
  • Website Maintenance

Who Is A Web Developer?

Based on the procedure of web development, a web developer is a manufacturer that produces web-based submissions to be admittance via the Internet. Web Development Company consists of 2 main segments; such as an aspirant web developer, moreover you can prefer to concentrate on any of the sectors.

  1. Front- end Web Developeris accountable for construction and designing layouts, features, and manifestation of a website. This task is also being known as a client-side developer.
  2. Back-end Web Developeris answerable for the construction of the motivating system of a website. Moreover they are dependable for edifice the finest outline that permits data to effortlessly shift from the web server to the web browser as notice by the consumers.

Significant Protagonist of Web Developers:

  • Web developers the definite crossing point through which a user intermingles with the website. Moreover this interface is erected by Front-end developers with the convention of three main languages HTML, JS, and CSS.
  • Web developers can use preprocessors and generate the mainstay of the website using languages such as PHP and MySQL.
  • To preserve a history of preceding build sit may also use versioning tools.
  • Both front-end and back-end are the software application tools developers, which can use the same development atmosphere. These are the tools where you code and shape the structure of a website.

Today’s Web Development Technologies

The history of web development is more clerical a history of web technologies elaborates.


A working assemblage was formed in 1994 to work on HTML. Times Berner-Lee May have labeled the first 18 tags.  Moreover it developed conceivable to set background color and fonts. There were some antagonisms to these developments because; HTML was first destined to do define a document’s structure, not its style. Furthermore HTML which is known as Hypertext Markup language is the publication format for the web, counting the aptitude to format documents and link to other documents and resources.


ULR is known as the Uniform recourse Identifier, a gentle of address that is exclusive to each remedy on the web .URLs are very important for a website. It plays a dynamic role in the process of development.


HTTP known as “hypertext transfer protocol”. Furthermore It allows for the reclamation of linked remedies from across the web. Moreover Neurol Tech is a reliable web development company, which is serving in the field of Web Development for many years.

Modern Web Development Technique Tools

Internet of things is dominating:

The singularity of the internet of things appears to have proficient its goal in topical years. Moreover the cumulative admiration of IoT indicates that web designers must study to design submissions that are rummage-sale to exhibition the statistics of the stratagem. Furthermore the incorporation of internet-related occupations in gears like caldrons, cat foot feeders, heat scheme radars, and other things make it relaxed to rheostat everyday object via Smartphone applications and other online portals.

Rails 5 in action:

Rails 5 like angular JS, ware unconstrained in mid-2016 and subsequently then conquered the biosphere of web development. Furthermore it bids very appealing assistance to developers that have the potential to alteration web development entirely.

Replacement of static images:

The usage of motion UI has swapped static images on dissimilar websites. Furthermore in the epoch of animation, GIFs, and videos, motion UI proposals and animation line up strategy that works with all forms of Java stick animation collections. Moreover web developers now exertion on first-rate animation and inherent short videos to boost up the website they develop.


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